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The subscriber content from informed by Planned Cover is available by annual subscription, which gains access for you and all your staff to all of our informed subscriber resources.

The cost of a subscription to our informed subscriber resources is $1000 per annum, with reduced rates for Planned Cover clients.

Our subscriber resources include these two kinds of content:


Example documents (checklists, certificates and special purpose contracts)

Our library of example documents gives you a starting point for identifying and responding to risks. Available documents include:

  • Checklists to assist you and your staff to identify some key risks in contracts and office systems.
  • Examples of short contracts for special purposes, such as novation, sub-consultancy or data transfer agreements.
  • Sample wordings of common documents like quality certificates.

The ideal solution is always to work with your own solicitors to create a bespoke document tailored to your needs. However when you need an example to start you thinking in the right direction, our documents are here to help.

Here are some extracts to give you an idea of how the example documents work:

Deed of Novation (click to see extract)

Data transfer letter (click to see extract)

Consultancy Agreement Checklist (click to see extract)

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informed Practice Guides

With over fifty concise informed Practice Guides covering diverse topics including Project Management, BIM, Asbestos, Novation and Termination, our informed Practice Guides are an invaluable tool to help you understand and manage the complexities of working as a professional consultant in the construction industry. (Many clients of Planned Cover may already have access to the informed Practice Guides as part of their PI insurance package.)

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