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31/05/18 – Be informed Briefing: Harmonious sub-consulting (NSW)

In a perfect world, sub-consultants arrive when required, complete their work on time and deliver a quality product, saving valuable time and money. In a perfect world, sub-consultants are given a detailed brief at the outset and receive prompt updates on all critical information, saving mistakes and unnecessary re-work.

But we don’t live in a perfect world!

Our live seminar on “Harmonious Sub-consulting” presented by our experienced Risk Manager Natalie Sullivan, will provide an insight into lead consultants and sub-consultants working effectively together. We will discuss back to back arrangements; available pro forma contracts; liabilities of sub-consultants; and the implications of head contracts using real world case examples. It is a topic affecting consultants from various professions, and will be an opportunity to share thoughts and ideas from both sides of the fence.

  • Event Information:

    The Crypt, St Patrick’s Church
    20 Grosvenor Street
    The Rocks, Sydney
    1 formal point
    General Admission: $60
    Planned Cover Clients: $40 (with discount code)
    Discounted Group Bookings Available