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28/06/18 – Webinar: Proportionate Liability – More than just an abstract legal concept.

‘Contracting out’ of proportionate liability legislation can have significant consequences for a consultant involved in a construction project which becomes adversarial, particularly where some participants in the project enter bankruptcy or liquidation.  Without proportionate liability, in a worst case you can end up having to pay compensation for 100% of the Plaintiff’s loss, even though your mistake was only a minor contributor to the problem.Like all decisions, your agreement or otherwise to ‘opt out’ should be made with a full understanding of the consequences.

Join us to hear from Katherine Allsop, Senior Associate, Yeldham Price O’Brien Lusk on the fundamentals of ‘proportionate’ liability; how it differs from ‘joint and several’ liability and, through an examination of cases, the implications of proportionate liability on the day-to-day practice of construction professionals. Learn what to look out for when entering into contracts and hear our speaker’s thoughts on what might be on the horizon in relation to proportionate liability regimes across the country.

  • Event Information:

    Date:  Thursday 28 June 2018

    Time:  12.30pm – 1.30pm (AEST)

    Cost:   General Admission: $70
    Planned Cover Clients: $45 (with discount code)
    Discounted Group Bookings Available