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15/04/2020 – Risk management: business as usual

How can we provide risk management services in the current climate? As it turns out, almost exactly the same as we always have! It’s very much business as usual for our risk management team. From our perspective, looking at the construction industry through contracts and education, this is what we’re seeing of the pandemic. Contract […]

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10/01/20 – How to watch informed webinars

(1) LIVE WEBINARS What? Our webinars are a live presentation by our risk managers and/or external specialists. You will see a Powerpoint presentation, with a video camera insert showing the presenter. In our webinars, you cannot be seen or heard by other attendees or by the presenter. We run our webinars through GoToWebinar. When? Our […]

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12/06/19 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have all come across ‘Dispute Resolution’ clauses in commercial contracts, also known as ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ (“ADR”). ADR offers alternative methods for resolving disputes without recourse to litigation saving costs, time and stress. It can help resolve a dispute before it goes court or tribunal. This article aims to summarise the different types of […]

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