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20/04/2022 – Getting your scope of services right

Establishing a precise scope of services in your consultancy agreements is one of the most important things you can do to mitigate your risk. Before embarking on a project, you should: check you have the knowledge, expertise and resources to perform each of the tasks listed in your scope of services and delete any listed […]

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23/03/2022 – Cost Control: More than just the budget

It’s no surprise that cost control is both a priority for clients and a recurring contributor to disputes and claims. Every construction project is a one-off, completed in a market where cost of materials and labour are constantly changing. At the time the initial budget is set, the project may contain a myriad of unresolved […]

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09/03/2022 – 10 Years of Safe Design: More Good News Than Bad

Work health and safety legislation in every state and territory places obligations on consultants to do what is “reasonably practicable” to ensure that the buildings they design are safe. The sting in the tail of these obligations is the power of work health and safety regulators to prosecute designers for breach, seeking to impose fines […]

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02/02/2022 – New and Updated Practice Guides 2022

Our informed Practice Guides are a series of short notes providing general guidance on some common risk, insurance and contract related topics. Our Practice Guides cover a range of subjects from Novation, to Indemnities, and Inspections and Certificates. Planned Cover clients and paid subscribers of informed by Planned Cover can download the Practice Guides using […]

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