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22/09/2021 – Ssshhh…it’s confidential!

While you are busy working on your project, your client calls you to explain that you and your team are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to continue working on their project. What do you do? Let’s start with… What is a Confidentiality Agreement? A confidentiality agreement is a legally binding contract where one party […]

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14/07/2021 – Staff changes in the informed team

We’ve had a few changes to the informed team lately. Sadly, in June we farewelled our NSW Risk Manager/National CPD Manager Natalie Sullivan, and we’re now saying goodbye to our Administrator – Risk Services Sandra Farmer BUT also welcoming her replacement Charli Lin. Many of you would have come across Sandra at some stage, either […]

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09/06/2021 – Lacrosse: What Happened Next

The story began with an unextinguished cigarette in the early hours of 24 November 2014. The fire started by that cigarette burned rapidly up the side of the Lacrosse Building in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct, from level 8 to level 21 in a matter of minutes, aided by “Alucobest” aluminium composite panel cladding with 100% polyethylene […]

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28/04/2021 – Limit of Indemnity vs Limit of Liability

The difference between limit of indemnity and limit of liability is puzzling. Let’s unpack the complexities using this simple scenario. ABC Pty Ltd entered into a contract with XYZ Pty Ltd. ABC is the client who have engaged XYZ for architectural services. XYZ have a $2 million limit of indemnity on their professional indemnity policy. […]

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01/04/2021- Need to know more about contracts?

Thank you for supporting our online CPD by purchasing contract-related courses in the past. We know that contract law is a specialised area of knowledge that doesn’t form part of tertiary training for many construction professionals, but that’s an increasingly vital business skill. So we’re getting in touch to let you know that, if you’ve […]

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17/02/2021 – informed by Planned Cover Practice Guides Updated for 2021

Each year the risk management team at informed by Planned Cover use the generally quieter month of January to review and update the Practice Guides which are available to Planned Cover clients and informed by Planned Cover subscribers. There are currently more than fifty Practice Guides on topics related to risk management, contracts and professional […]

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