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1/5/19 – A New Contract for Architects

The Australian Institute of Architects has released a new version of its pro forma client and architect agreement. The new 2019 Client Architect Agreement (“CAA2019”) replaces the previous 2009 version. In our experience, the Institute of Architects contracts are widely used on domestic projects, but there is no impediment to using them on commercial or […]

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17/04/19 – New Guidelines on Procurement practices released by the Institute of Architects

Are you experiencing unclear and cumbersome procurement processes for government and institutional projects?  If so, you’re not the only one… The Australian Institute of Architects (‘Institute’) has recently undertaken extensive research, sourcing both qualitative and quantitative data, the results of which have shown that there are significant widespread problems with procurement processes.  Some of the […]

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19/03/19 – Implications of the Lacrosse Judgment – Part 1

Handed down on 28 February 2019, the 227-page judgment of His Honour Judge Woodward traces the history of Melbourne’s Lacrosse tower, from its inception as a mixed use development in April 2007, through a GFC-driven hiatus in May 2008, redesign into smaller stages from July 2009, through to completion in 2012. The focus of the […]

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19/03/19 – Implications of the Lacrosse Judgment – Part 2

In Part 1, we explained the liability findings in the judgment on the Lacrosse building fire delivered on 28 February 2019. This Part 2 looks at some more detailed aspects. Does it matter that the Builder substituted an alternative cladding (Alucobest) in place of the originally specified product (Alucobond)? Not in this case. The court […]

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06/03/19 – How to use our Course Credits to help your team earn CPD points

Our online CPD library has about 25 hours of material created specifically for professionals in the construction industry. This includes recordings of our webinars as well as custom-made online courses. Delivered by specialist guests as well as our legally qualified risk managers, our courses cover topics from partial services and copyright, to defective building products […]

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06/02/19 – ‘No oral modification’ clauses: what is their effect?

During the course of a project, you may find yourself in a position where the work needs altering in some way, requiring a contract variation.  You and your client might enter into a further agreement (usually in writing) to modify the contract, allowing the contractual variation.  On occasion, you and your client might agree orally […]

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