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10/01/20 – How to watch informed webinars



Our webinars are a live presentation by our risk managers and/or external specialists. You will see a Powerpoint presentation, with a video camera insert showing the presenter. In our webinars, you cannot be seen or heard by other attendees or by the presenter. We run our webinars through GoToWebinar.


Our webinars are designed to be watched at a fixed time – usually 12.30pm on a Thursday (Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time). We do try to make recordings of webinars available to those who miss the live time – email us at if you miss one. These recordings are available for no more than 6 weeks after the webinar.


You can watch our live webinars from your computer or device. It is not possible to watch the presentation in person. You will need an internet connection fast enough to watch streamed video content (some slow or busy connections may result in pixelation and delays). If your screen does not have sound, in step 7 below there is an option to hear sound separately through a phone.

Step by step procedure

Ticketing and Registration

1. Ticket Purchase – Go to our events page, select the webinar you want, and follow the links into Trybooking to book your ticket(s). Discounts are available for PI insurance clients of Planned Cover and for our informed mailing list. Join our mailing list to receive the discount codes, or contact us.

2. Ticket/GST – Upon payment, you will receive an email from Trybooking containing a link to your ticket. You do not need the ticket to attend the webinar, but consider keeping a copy as the ticket is also your GST tax invoice/receipt. If you do not receive this automated email from Trybooking immediately following payment, please check your Junk/Spam mail box.

3. Registration – Upon payment, you will receive another email from containing a registration link. Register immediately as it’s quick, simple and essential to watch the webinar. If you don’t receive the registration email within 1-2 minutes of booking, check your spam filter first (and add the address to your safe senders list), then contact us if required.

(Group bookings: If you have made a group booking, and your attendees want to watch from different screens, then you need to register separately (using the above link) for each screen. In that case, please forward the above link to each of your attendees (or one attendee per screen if you have staff watching together). Each registrant will then receive their own joining link. In all other cases, one registration is sufficient.)

Registration screen

image 1

4. Final confirmation – Upon registration, you will receive one last email from (Informed Webinar) containing your joining link. Save this link (e.g. in your calendar) so you have it ready at the webinar start time. If you don’t receive the joining link email within 1-2 minutes of registration, check your spam filter first (and add the address to your safe senders list), then contact us if required.

Extract from email with joining link

image 2


Watching the Webinar

Start these steps 10-15 minutes before the webinar start time.

5. Joining – Click on the “Join Webinar” link from step 4. A new browser window will open. GoToWebinar will automatically install software to enable you to watch the webinar – simply click to give permission when prompted.

Software installation/running

image 3

image 4

You will hear an automated voiceover advising you that you have joined the webinar. Up until the webinar start time, you will see a holding slide.

Pre-webinar holding slide

image 5

6. Control Panel – Look for the control panel, which is a box or an orange arrow usually visible in the top right corner of your screen. Use this if you want to adjust some aspects of your viewing experience or troubleshoot sound problems, and for handouts and questions (see 7-8 below).

Control panel (minimised)

image 6

Control panel (expanded)

image 7


7. Handouts – There are usually two handouts: a PDF of the slides, plus CPD questions for architects claiming a “formal” CPD point. These will be available from the “Handouts” section of the control panel throughout the webinar (you may need to click the small white arrow to the left of the heading to expand this section). It is easiest to download them before the webinar starts. If you experience difficulties downloading the handouts, please contact following the webinar and we will email the handouts to you.

Handouts for download (contained in Control Panel)

image 8

8. Questions – You can ask questions of the presenter throughout the webinar by typing your question into the allocated space in the Questions box in the control panel (you may need to click the small white arrow to the left of the heading to expand this section). We can’t answer questions during the presentation. Our presenters will answer as many questions as possible at the end, but will rarely be able to answer all questions.

Questions box (contained in Control Panel)

image 9


9. Completion Certificates – If you want or need a completion certificate, check “Yes” when booking in step 1, and we will provide one within 1-2 weeks of the webinar. If you need a certificate and don’t receive one, contact us. Architects claiming a “formal” CPD point should keep a copy of their completed CPD questions from step 7 along with the certificate.


You can buy recordings of our past webinars through our online CPD library by following the prompts. Each webinar becomes available for purchase 1-2 weeks from the live broadcast date.
You need to sign up to our website or log in to buy webinar recordings, and to access your CPD records relating to them. Once logged in, click the “Online CPD” icon to go through to our online CPD library.

Once purchased, the webinar recording will stay in your online CPD library indefinitely.
These recordings come with a multiple choice test (which you can complete at the end of the webinar) to satisfy the assessment requirement for “formal” CPD points.

If claiming CPD points, download a completion certificate immediately upon completion, so that it correctly records the date you completed the webinar.

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