Webinar: Prefabricated Construction - Let's talk about some pressure points

Globally, the trend for prefabricated construction has been, and continues to be embraced across a broad range of differing construction sectors.  In Australia, as we move past thinking of prefabricated (modular) construction as shipping container “dongas”, we need to understand some of the pressure points that might guide the way in which these projects are delivered.  Is the pre-fabrication carried out locally or overseas?  Who is responsible for the procurement?  What happens if there is a pre-fabrication production delay?

This webinar, presented by Isla McRobbie, Partner in the Projects, Construction and Infrastructure team at Jackson McDonald Lawyers in Perth will provide a general overview of some of those pressure points, how those issues might manifest in the project and what contracting tools may be available to anticipate and address those issues within construction contracts.

Event Information

Date: Thursday 18 May 2017

Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Price: $60 Standard;
$30 Planned Cover Client