Employment Issues in a Changing World

The workplace of today is vastly different from the offices of decades past. The employment environment for employers and employees alike is an evolving landscape, shaped by our fast paced and rapidly changing world. Whilst the fundamentals of employment practices remain, the variety of contracting arrangements and the impact of technology on appropriate workplace behaviour are just some of the new issues which employers and employees must now understand in order to effectively manage their practices and thrive in a changing world.

In this webinar, Mark Sullivan, Lander & Rogers Lawyers, will look at, amongst other things, managing flexible work arrangements – including employees vs contractors, fixed term contracts and secondments; the workplace documents all businesses should have in place; and the impact of technology and social media on workplaces.

Event Information

Date: Thursday 27 April 2017

Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Price: $60 Standard; $30 Planned Cover

Client Group Bookings for up to 10 people also available