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01/03/18 – Webinar: Defective Building Products Recap

Aluminium composite cladding and non-conforming building products have been regular contributors to media headlines for the last two and a half years. Starting with an update on the state of official investigations into the Lacrosse Building fire, informed Risk Manager Wendy Poulton will consider the impact of the Grenfell Tower tragedy and recap some of the resulting investigations and legislative changes in Australia.

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09/02/18 – Webinar: When Things Go Wrong… More Tales from the Trenches

Join us for an informative and insightful webinar to start 2018 on an area of enduring concern for many consultants.

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22/11/17 – Be Informed Briefing: Defective Building Products Update (QLD)

Join us to hear from Nicola Gardner – Senior Associate, Lander & Rogers Lawyers on the state of investigations into the cladding issue worldwide and more broadly.

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01/11/17 – Webinar: Working Jointly – Responsibilities and Risks

One of the many challenges facing consultant practices working in today’s construction industry is dedicating the right resources and expertise to each team through various sized projects as well as managing the inevitable delays and sudden accelerations.

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26/10/17 – Be Informed Briefing: Defective Building Products Update (NSW)

As calls grow in Australia to remove aluminium composite cladding from thousands of buildings across the country, an inquiry into what caused the Grenfell tower fire begins in London.

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10/10/17 – Be Informed Briefing: Building Product Update (VIC)

Aluminium composite cladding and non-conforming building products have been regular contributors to media headlines for the last two and a half years. And yet the volume of reporting can make it a challenge to separate the speculation and rumour from the officially verified facts.

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07/09/17 – Webinar: Technology in Practice: Drones are up, up and away!

Drones are poised to become an integral part of construction projects. Small and agile, they are able to access areas of building sites where people and machinery cannot. With drone technology rapidly evolving, the role of drones on construction projects may soon expand behold aerial photography and site mapping.

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10/08/17 – Webinar: Risk Management for Engineers – Lessons to be Learnt from Claims

Claims against engineers are as diverse as the profession of engineering. No sector of the industry is immune – with claims against structural, geotechnical and building services engineers amongst others.

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28/06/17 – Be Informed Briefing: NSW Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Legislation – An Update

Simply put, security of payment legislation helps ensure that any person who carries out construction work or supplies related goods and services under a construction contract gets paid. The legislated regime is prescriptive with strict time frames, which must be complied with. There are no excuses for not understanding you obligations.

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22/06/17 – Webinar: Copyright Essentials for Construction Professionals

Construction professionals deal with intellectual property every day, particularly copyright, which protects written works as well as artistic works, such as plans amongst other things, as well as specific moral rights for creators. Many copyright users and creators agree on the important issues for copyright, such as ownership and the extent to which moral rights can be enforced, but what is the scope of protection up for grabs, and what if there is no agreement?

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15/06/2017 – Be Informed Briefing: A Changing Landscape – Proposed Amendments to NSW Planning Legislation

Change is on the horizon for environmental planning legislation in New South Wales. In January 2017, the NSW government released proposed amendments to the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 (NSW). The stated primary aim of the reforms is to ‘promote confidence’ in the NSW planning system. The proposed reforms are extensive and wide-ranging.

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18/05/17 – Webinar: Prefabricated Construction – Let’s talk about some pressure points

Globally, the trend for prefabricated construction has been, and continues to be embraced across a broad range of differing construction sectors.  In Australia, as we move past thinking of prefabricated (modular) construction as shipping container “dongas”, we need to understand some of the pressure points that might guide the way in which these projects are delivered.  Is the pre-fabrication carried out locally or overseas?  Who is responsible for the procurement?  What happens if there is a pre-fabrication production delay?

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27/04/17 – Webinar: Employment Issues in a Changing World

The workplace of today is vastly different from the offices of decades past. The employment environment for employers and employees alike is an evolving landscape, shaped by our fast paced and rapidly changing world.

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06/04/17 – Seminar: Be Informed Briefing – Strata Law Reform

New strata laws commenced in NSW in November 2016 and with more changes due to come into effect from 1 July 2017, now is the perfect time for consultants who work with, or are looking to work with, Strata Corporations to update their knowledge on this area of law.

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30/03/17 – Webinar: Safe Design Update

In January 2012, the first states in Australia adopted new “nationally harmonised” workplace health and safety laws, including some more stringent obligations for all designers of buildings. Five years on, we will look at the impact of the harmonised law. What are the trends in workplace injuries? What are the key risk areas for designers, and have there been many prosecutions? Which jurisdictions remain outside the harmonised scheme?

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16/03/17 – Webinar: Contract Administration

Administering a building contract demands a specific skill set. Superintendents, superintendents’ representatives, and those who advise them are required to make difficult judgment calls on controversial topics, ranging from delays to variations and assessments of building quality. Under the pressures of the construction phase, decisions need to be delivered promptly, with confidence, and without losing sight of the contract administrator’s underlying duties.

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01/03/17 – Seminar: Resourcing for Flexible Project Teams

A constant challenge for a consultancy business is dedicating the right resources and expertise to each team through the inevitable delays and sudden accelerations of a construction project. Flexibility is essential, but difficult to achieve.

How do you resource your office to manage an unpredictable environment? How can you step up to bigger or more specialised projects? How do you decrease resources when business slows down between jobs? And what happens when things go wrong?

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23/02/17 – Seminar: The Year in Review – A snapshot of key industry developments (QLD)

Set yourself up for a successful 2017 by looking back at some key industry developments from 2016 that will influence the year ahead. Join us for a co-presentation between Andrew Forbes (Partner, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Lander & Rogers) and Wendy Poulton (Risk Manager, informed by Planned Cover) to kick off our year of professional development.

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16/02/17 – Seminar: Be Informed Briefing: ‘Unfair’ Contracts – Is this the legislative change you have been waiting for?

Our ‘Be informed’ Briefings are an integral part of our education program and are designed to keep you up to date with legislative changes which may impact on your practice. Each session runs for 1 hour and provides you with an overview of the key legislative changes which you should be aware of as a practitioner in the construction industry.

In our first briefing for 2017, informed Risk Manager, Natalie Sullivan, will consider the Unfair Contract Terms legislation which came into effect on 12 November 2016. Find out if these new laws apply to you and what that might mean for your practice.

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15/02/17 – Seminar: The Year in Review – A snapshot of key industry developments and upcoming events (VIC)

Set yourself up for a successful 2017 by looking back at some key industry developments from 2016 that will influence the year ahead. Take advantage of our special discounted price to celebrate our 2017 launch.

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09/02/17 – Webinar: Partial Services – Does less work equate to less risk?

In today’s economic climate, it seems that some clients are choosing to ‘go it alone’ when its comes to construction of their projects, relying on their instincts and trusting in their builder to get the job done.

Whilst seeing value in the design and documentation skills of their consultants, clients are not always engaging those consultants to assist them in seeing the project through to completion.

What does this trend mean for consultants? Does less work on a project necessarily mean less risk?

Join us for an informative webinar considering the areas of risk for consultants providing partial services and how those risks can be managed.

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24/11/16 – Webinar: Professional Indemnity Claims – Tales from the Trenches

No one wants to think about what might happen if things go wrong on a project. But what if that becomes your reality?

Join us for an informative and though provoking webinar on this ever present area of concern for practitioners.

Our speakers will discuss recent claims to highlight the issues which are resulting in litigation against construction professionals and consider how those claims may have been avoided.

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18/11/16 – Seminar: Product Specification Update

The fire in Melbourne’s Lacrosse Building in November 2014 called into question the adequacy of the industry’s procedures for checking building product compliance, and the ongoing investigations into the fire have kept the issue in the spotlight.

With the ever-increasing range and technological complexity of products available to Australian designers, it has never been more important to understand a consultant’s responsibilities.

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