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26/10/17 – Be Informed Briefing: Defective Building Products Update

As calls grow in Australia to remove aluminium composite cladding from thousands of buildings across the country, an inquiry into what caused the Grenfell tower fire begins in London.

Join us to hear from Charles Thornley – Partner, Lander & Rogers Lawyers on the state of investigations into the cladding issue worldwide and more broadly:

  • the legal framework relevant to construction products;
  • what constitutes a non-conforming or non-compliant product; and
  • claims examples relevant to defective construction products.

The briefing will examine what you can do as a construction professional to protect yourself against the risks posed by the use of non-conforming or non-compliant building products.

  • Event Information

    Date: Thursday 26 October 2017

    Time: 8:30am – 9:30am
    (8:15am Registration)

    Cost: $40 – Standard;
    $150 – Group Booking up to 5 people

    Location: St Patrick’s Crypt
    20 Grosvenor St, Sydney
    (enter via courtyard adjacent to church)